Have You Heard? : Jay Z

Shawn Corey Carter,  better known by his stage name “Jay Z,” was born December 4th, 1969 in the harsh streets of Brooklyn, New York, where his father abandoned him and his 3 other siblings while Shawn was still young. In his song December 4th, his mother talks about him banging on the table and rapping at 3 hours in the morning, so she bought him a boom box to keep him out of trouble.

He attended Eli Whitney High School, where his grades were very good, but once his dad abandoned him, his mother said that’s when she saw the change in him. After the loss of his father, he started selling drugs, hanging with his friends, and running the streets. But Shawn wanted more, so he quit and started his rap career. He later became a successful entrepreneur, record producer, and one of the  greatest MCs to ever live. His hard work, dedication, and success shows that everybody and anybody can make it if you want it badly enough.

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