High School Relationships

High school relationships are often the most talked about aspect of high school. Everyone wants to know the latest gossip about who’s dating who and who just broke up. To some, it may not even be a thought in their mind, as they are focusing on more important things like school and sports. To some, their high school relationship can make or break their time in school. Most of these relationships though are actually a very important part of our lives and they stick with us past beyond high school, whether they last or not.

High school relationships are often the most difficult relationships. When you are young, your emotions are more delicate and your brain isn’t fully developed yet. While these relationships are difficult, they are actually very important to your future relationships. They teach you how to handle situations, teach you how to properly handle conflict, and prepare you for more serious relationships in the future. They teach you boundaries, communication skills, and some may even let you learn more about your sexuality. 

While these relationships may be memorable, only about 2% of high school relationships end up in marriage. This is very difficult for most teens to grasp because at the time, you may think that it will be a forever thing. But they are mainly a learning experience. Although, in high school the average relationship lasts about 2 years. This does make it very hard to experience breakups. But they are completely normal at this age. While dating may be fun, it is very important to be safe in many ways. Don’t let a temporary relationship affect you in major ways. Majority aren’t permanent and they are just helping you in the long run.

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