High School Relationships

Relationships and the study of them have become a recurring theme in society. There are television shows, websites, and even professional careers on relationships.

A lot of people make ‘finding love’ the center of their lives, especially in high school. In high school, teens are still trying to figure out their identity. Many teens think being in a relationship can help them with figuring out who they are.

I think differently about the situation. In high school, teens will focus more on their social lives such as relationships and tend to worry less about the important things like school.

The chance of  your high school relationship lasting after high school is very slim because of many different reasons. After high school, both people in the relationships start to make life changing decisions, such as deciding their future plans and starting to move toward their goals. Most high school students end up going to college, meeting new people, making new friends and starting a new life.

So is it really worth it?

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One Comment on “High School Relationships”

  1. I believe high school relationships are worth it, and even if they don’t last, they are important learning experiences. Teens learn to care about someone else’s needs other than their own and make small sacrifices to make their partner happy. They also learn to heal from heartbreak. However, I do feel it’s common for teens to center their focus on finding that “special someone”, but there’s no rush. Love will happen when it wants to and when the time is right, whether you’re ready or not. I think that if you are truly happy together, things will work out in the end, no matter how physically far apart you are. Sure, it’ll be difficult, but nothing is impossible.

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