History of Uniontown High

Uniontown was founded by Henry Beeson on July 4, 1776. The first school opened on September 26, 1783 and was located where the current Fayette County Prison resides.

In 1885 at the old Central School building on the northwest corner of E. Church street a school was established on the third floor. The principal was Professor A.M. Claybaugh along with Miss Ella Peach as vice principal. With the growing numbers of student enrollments more classrooms were eventually needed to include the new students. A property was purchased in 1861 at 146 E. Fayette Street with the intention of building a new school.

The original name of this new building was “Uniontown Joint Senior High but was later changed to its current name Uniontown Area High School. This school was built in 1910 and opened in 1911. The Hustead house that was located east of the school on Fayette street later became the economics building but was torn down during the 1954 renovation to make way for the new auditorium, cafeteria, and music room. UHS has gone under a few more renovations since then, one being “Sophomore alley “. This was a three story addition to the school located on Wilson avenue. The “new” side was later added including the library and swimming pool. Another renovation took place in 2011 which moved the cafeteria from the basement to the old “bus patio”. The stairwell near the main office was also moved. Every classroom was updated with new furniture, paint, and flooring as well. One of the biggest additions was adding air-conditioning to the building including the auditorium.

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