Homeroom Bible Study

Sometimes students are unable to attend church or youth group. For others, their parents don’t agree with their religious beliefs. Last year several students decided to make use of our extra time in the mornings and host a bible study.

The numbers have fluctuated, but we have an average attendance anywhere from 8 to 15. We want to try to reach more student’s but a lot of times kids are scared to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Different student lead the sessions each week and we all take turns with lessons or simple questions to start conversations.

Our studies consist of the basic standards of the bible, and what it means to live a life for Christ. We are open to all religions and we just want to reach kids in our school. Never have we told someone they cant attend for their beliefs, everyone is welcomed with open arms. We have had studies on how to pray, how to stay strong in hard times and of course how to show your love for Jesus in the real world. The kids that attend really enjoy the morning reminder every Thursday, and we are excited to see what else this can bring.

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