Homework is something almost all students have to do, no matter their age or grade. And whenever a student complains about school, the issue of homework is sure to come up – that is, the associated late nights, cramming, procrastination, and stress. Too much homework is a legitimate problem, and it contributes to many of the mental health issues in our student body. However, too much homework is also a problem often attributed to teachers alone, and while teachers are technically the ones assigning homework, it is still important to acknowledge the pressures that encourage them to assign hours of work each night.

Namely, that pressure is standardized testing. Just as students face pressure to perform on Keystones, AP exams, and the SAT, teachers face pressure to adequately prepare their students for these tests. And of course, a common method of preparing students is to assign loads of work outside of class. Moreover, many teachers assign homework as a way to teach time management and prepare students for college.

Basically, too much homework is more often a symptom of a larger problem in education than a standalone issue. That is not to say that it is not difficult to deal with as a student – it absolutely is – but the only way to fix these difficulties and others like it is by looking at the problem as a whole.

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