Honeys Helping Hand

Honeys Helping Hand is a nonprofit food giveaway. Honeys was founded by Ms. Edna Brown – aka Honey. The group operates solely from donations and all food comes from local stores and businesses. Food is distributed Monday and Thursday every week at the Biererwood Acres community room, here in Uniontown.
Due to the Corona virus, Honeys Helping Hand are offering Curbside service, which means members of the group place the boxes of food in your backseat or trunk. They pack the food in boxes because they can’t allow people to come in the building. Members have to clean before and after food distribution, must stay six feet apart, wear mask and gloves, and if or when they take pictures or handle a cellphone they MUST change gloves. People receiving food must wear a mask and remain in their vehicles.
Honeys Helping Hand will help anyone in need. It is always amazing to see people helping others. The act of giving will transform you.

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