Hope For Normal Summer Activities

As you all know, last summer was taken from us. Staying safe from COVID was our main focus and we missed out on most of the fun things we loved to do during summer. Now that most of the country is getting vaccinated and COVID numbers are going down, there is hope for us to be enjoy more of our normal summer activities.

There has been word that local fairs are being planned, vender shows and flee markets are being put together, and camping trips and vacations are in the near future for families. Hearing about all these events are giving people hope for this year to be better than the last. I know it’s giving me hope. Some families live for the fun events of summer, so I’m sure last year was depressing for those types of families.

2021 is new beginning for everyone. People have the chance to enjoy their lives again and be able to make the memories that they couldn’t last year. I know I’m going to make the most out of this summer as I possibly can. I hope everyone else does the same thing

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