How Canvas Has Impacted The Education System

Canvas was introduced to students at Uniontown High School when the COVID pandemic hit. It has changed the way students learn and receive new information. It has also affected the way teachers teach.

With the rise of technology in the classrooms, more students are prone to cheating. They are given more opportunities to look up the answers on a test. This is one of the main obstacles teachers face. However, it has also provided an easier grading format. Also, it has provided teachers and students with an easier learning format.

Teachers no longer have to use so much paper. Most of the assignments and quizzes can now be assigned through Canvas. This has also affected the way they teach because students have easy access to the internet. Teachers must adapt to the new learning environment caused by Canvas and find new ways to teach.

How are you liking using Canvas now that we are back to in-person learning? Do you feel it enhances and adds to your classes?

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