How has COVID Affected Uniontown Students?

Many students at Uniontown have been affected by COVID-19. For some it has affected their life at home when family members are diagnosed or quarantined. For others it affected their education during remote learning. It has affected most everyone’s relationships and friendships. Needless to say everything was put on hold, when I say everything I mean the whole world. We asked several students and fellow classmates here at Uniontown Area High School about how COVID affected them. Many said things like how they missed school dances, school sporting events, and seeing people how they used to.

I spoke with several fellow classmates about how they felt. One replied, “I know COVID affected many but COVID made me more of an introvert and it made me not so good with people.” Another stated, “COVID affected my life in many ways. One way it affected me was socially with school and my family and friends. All the times spent at home with no physical contact with friends and most family took a toll on the relationships I had with them. It was hard because it made me struggle in school almost causing me to fail, and I also fell into a depression which didn’t help.”

As you can see COVID changed things for a lot of people which is a very hard thing to bounce back from. This ruined plans that students look forward to such as school functions, learning, seeing friends and family, and even simple tasks like shopping. This is what a few students thought. Now the questions is, what do you think?

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