How Homework Affects Students

The purpose of homework is for students to review what they learned in class that day to ensure that they remember key information. That may not always be effective though. Homework has its fair share of pros and cons.

One of the cons is that it causes unnecessary stress for the students. If there is too much homework, or the work is too difficult, that can cause the student to feel stressed and unmotivated. There is a point where simply saying the word “homework” can cause a sense of dread in students. It can cause sleep deprivation and behavioral changes as well. Students could also be losing sleep due to having to stay up all night to get the work finished. This can also affect the parents as well if they aren’t able to help their child. Another downside to homework is that it can take away the students free time that they have after school because that time is spent trying to complete their homework.

Aside from all the cons, there are benefits to students having homework. One of those benefits is that it can get the parents involved with their lives and their education. They are able to see what their child is learning in school. It can also teach students responsibility since they have to make sure that their homework is done. It can also help improve their study habits since their going over what they learned that day.

After reading through all the pros and cons of homework, my opinion is that homework assignments should be short and sweet instead of really long and difficult to avoid causing unhealthy levels of stress to the students.

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