How Our Students Manage School and Work

School can be a lot to manage by itself, however a large accumulation of our students also have a job while attending school. Some students are able to have early work release which allows them to be able to leave after second period and go to their job. There are also students working after school. We asked a few students, how well they balance school and work, and if they have any advice for other students looking to get a job while in school.

One of our students stated, “At first it was challenging especially since I would get home and leave to go to work, there was hardly any time to do any schoolwork. It would either lead to me not even doing assignments until the next day or it would affect me getting sleep.” They went on to answer the second question by adding,” I would say if you’re just starting out maybe start working weekends first, then try working a few days after school, but it’s not easy especially when you have harder classes during school.”

Another student stated,” That balancing school and work can be very difficult. My work is very short-staffed so I do work almost full-time alongside school. It can be very tiring at times, but I try my best to get enough sleep and keep up with classes.” To answer the second question they stated,” For those who are looking for a job to apply for, apply for jobs that will satisfy you most and give you sign-on bonuses. Also don’t be afraid to apply to multiple.”

The last student we interviewed stated,” Balancing school and job at the same time can be difficult at times, but I still manage to do so. Some days I feel like quitting my job which happen on bad days for me, and I just tell myself ‘get through today, because tomorrow is a new day and will be better’. To answer the second question they stated, ” My advice to other students is to get a job that won’t force them to push themselves too hard. Although, you are working to make money sometimes getting the most hours isn’t the best thing for you, school and your mental well-being should be your top priority.”

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