How Social Media Affects Us

Social media is used daily in almost every Americans life, from the time we wake up to when we fall asleep. But how is it affecting us? Social media can affect us both negatively and positively, depending on how we use it. While its capable of improving our memory, it can also damage our mental health and distance us socially. The average amount of time spent on social media can be beyond two hours each day. That can add up to be over five years of our life.
While the average American spends up to two hours each day on Social Media, teens tend to spend up to nine total hours on social media each day according to Common Sense Media. Spending this amount of time of social media is extremely unhealthy in the sense that it limits real life interactions and prioritizes the digital ones. A study made by the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that actual interactions give more emotion than the online ones. This tends to happen because people often show the best versions of themselves online, and feel the need to compare themselves to the side other people show of themselves on the internet which makes the comparisons faulty because they're not reality based. This can lead to negative feelings about yourself, therefore damaging your mental health. 
Although there are no actual studies to prove it to be true, it is thought that social media does affect our attention span. According to the site, the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that the human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds, in 2000, to 8, in 2013. Surveys have also shown an increase in disorders like ADHD that are thought to be linked to internet addiction, and vice versa. There's not much else to add to that but I can say from my own experience, while writing this, i have frequently been going back and forth between writing and being on Social media. I can most definitely vouch for the idea that social media is corrupting today's youth. 
To much time on social media can impact our mental health in many ways that can not all just be categorized as just negative or just positive. It can cause loss in attention span and give you unrealistic views, as well as many other things. Although social media can definitely hurt us, keep in mind there are still some upsides to it as well. 

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