How Students Can Reduce Climate Change

Climate change affects everyone and everything around them is becoming disrupted. Climate change can lead to increased flooding, extreme heat, more viruses/diseases, and wildfires. There is five main causes of climate change starting with fossil fuels, deforestation, increasing livestock farming, fertilizers containing nitrogen, and greenhouse gases.

Effects of climate change have led to glaciers shrinking, with the ice on rivers and lakes breaking up earlier, causing sea levels to rise dramatically which then leads to a longer more intense heat wave period. Some ways to help reduce the progression of climate change can start simple, which is making choices to save energy. For example: turning off lights, taking shorter showers and walking or riding a bike rather then driving.

Another way to reduce climate change is by changing to fluorescent lightbulbs, a positive to doing this is that it saves you money. You can also recycle anything that you can ranging from aluminum cans, paper, plastic, and even glass. We can reduce climate change by participating in saving energy, reduce waste and use some of these small changes to help heal Earth.

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