How To Deal With Self-Isolation

Due to COVID-19, we have all had to practice social distancing. Sometimes this can feel very lonely and depressing, so here are some ways to deal with self-isolation.

Stay Connected
I know we all miss hanging out with our friends, but social distancing is important. Although we cannot see each other in person, there are still ways to stay connected. Don’t be afraid to call your friend and have a chat! My little brother plays video games with his friends, which is a good idea.

Distract Yourself
If we have to be isolated, we might as well take advantage of it! Getting a new hobby is a great way to keep busy. This is also a good opportunity to be productive. Maybe pick up a book and learn something new! Or go for a jog!

Spend Time on Yourself
Everyone forgets to take care of themselves sometimes, and that’s okay! Being isolated is an amazing opportunity for self-care. Eat healthy, do some yoga, or even a face mask. All these things are beneficial to both your physical and mental health.

And last but not least, don’t forget that we’re all in this together! You’re not alone.

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