How to Find the Right Running Shoe?

Choosing a running shoe shouldn’t be a quick option. There are thousands of shoes out there and they’re all made differently. Each shoe has a different arch type, a different toe pitch, and many other contributing factors to having a comfortable running shoe. I have been a part of the Cross Country and Track teams for many years, and picking out running shoes was always fun to me. If you cant find a comfortable shoe with the right arch or cushion you can also get insoles to help. Some shoes may also hurt your knees and shins more than others its just how they’re made.

When training for races you usually want a heavier more cushioned shoe, but when racing you want a very light shoe with minimal cushion for higher speeds for a longer distance. Most people just wear they’re training shoes for races. If you can find a shoe that is in between those two. That is what i consider a perfect shoe, or even a shoe with a lot of cushion that is still light so you don’t risk hurting yourself, but you’re also still getting a good workout in.

All in all, they’re are many different models of running shoes and brands and I’m sure you’ll be able to find shoes that work for you. Most companies also have a 30 day trial where you can bring them back if they hurt you or you just don’t like them. Some are 90 days as well so you can really see if you don’t like them. I just think if you want to run a lot, finding a shoe that’s right for you is very important.

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