How to Stay Safe if Returning to School

We all know how difficult online learning can be. Therefore, a lot of us will probably be returning to school soon. It is important that we take certain precautions so we can be safe. Not only us, but our friends and family too.

First, it is crucial that we distance ourselves from other people. I know we all want to hug our friends, but this would put us at risk. So we must stay at least six feet away from other people at all times. This means no pushing, shoving, or hugging.

Next, wear a mask. Doctor’s masks are the most effective. Wear it over your nose and pinch it so it fits securely. This also means wear your mask whenever you are in public. If we go out into public without a mask, we could be putting our classmates at risk.

Always wash your hands before you eat and sanitize them throughout the day.

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