How to Survive High School

OH, High School, the place where you can either learn how to do College Trig at 8 am, or watch someone fight over senseless drama. Here are some tips on how to survive what seems like madness, but is truly not that bad. So coming from Middle School you go from having very little freedom to High school with a lot more freedom, but with that freedom comes trust and that trust can either make things really easy or extremely hard. The key is to not take the freedom they give you and take advantage of it cause it will turn back on you. With that being said with the freedom you get it allows you to manage your own time.

Another tip is to be ready for change. High School is full of changes from your classes, to who you’re friends with from you’re freshman to senior year. You may start freshman year with 30 friends and by your senior year have three close friends. Nothing is wrong with this though because those three people are probably you real, true friends.

In terms of learning, always do you’re work whether you feel like it or not because once you get behind it’s so hard to catch up. Don’t worry about trying to be the kid that acts out to look cool. It makes it look like you want to start problems. Try to steer clear of drama because it is senseless. Any graduate will tell you that by the time you’re out of High School absolutely none of the things will matter. Last, be sure to get involved and have plenty of fun with with your friends at events like dances, sporting events, drama arts, and other super fun things.

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