If Students Could Change One Thing About The School

We asked some students if they could change one thing about the school what would it be, and here are some of the thoughts and opinions of the students.

Student 1 said: I would probably change the bathrooms because there needs to be one on every floor, and they are always out of paper towels or soap.

Student 2 said: I would say to learn more life skills like learning how to pay taxes, balance checks, set up bank accounts, and maybe even have an option to take a ASL (American Sign Language) class since there’s so many deaf people.

Student 3 said: I would change the times of school from 9:00-3:00.

Student 4 said: I would like to have an extra two minutes in between classes so you have more time to get from one class to another and use the restroom if needed. Being able to get to your next class without any worry of being late would be nice.

Student 5 said: I’d like them to stop spending so much money on all of the sports because our other students in clubs should get a decent amount of money too. It’s not fair for the students and teachers who do these clubs for them to come up with all the money on their own when all of the sports teams get money handed straight to them.

Student 6 said: If I could change one thing about the school I’d probably try to make it so kids in need in our area have access to living necessities and proper living arrangements. We’re supposed to be a community not only as a county or city, but as a school too.

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