In Person Versus Online School

After being online last year and returning back to in person this year, there have been numerous noticeable differences. One of the benefits about being in person is always having the same schedule and not having it change, but when being online even with the schedule for classes in place, it was really easy to simply sleep in or just log on and walk away, because there was always something else or better to do at home.

Now being online is not all bad, some of our students preferred it because it was less stressful to be home than it was to be at school. Some have even said that they liked being home because they no longer had to wake up two hours before school to get ready for the day. Where some prefer the Canvas app as an alternate stating that they liked having all their classes in one place, and they could see what was due and when any projects where scheduled to be due.

One major significance about being in person is having the teacher be right there in the same room, helping and guiding you directly. The downside about being online is that there was not an opportunity for students to build any relationship with their teachers, and if there was any relationship it was most likely occurring through the comment section. Also being at school, puts you back in the mindset of school, of going everyday and having the workload of each class present.

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