Inside the Classroom of Musical Theatre

On February 6th, 2020, we watched groups of 4-5 students preform small scripts that they wrote together in the Musical Theatre class. This activity allowed them to get a feel of improve.

Group one preformed a skit called “A Family Dinner.” During their performance they used a small table and some classroom chairs as their props to build the setting. The characters, a mother and her child, started arguing at the dinner table and the father started arguing also. This was the main focus of the skit and not much more happened after that.

Group two preformed a skit called “Cold War.” A man was on a date with his girlfriend. The man gave his girlfriend a beautiful necklace, but he stole the necklace. The person who said he stole it pulled out a gun and shot the girlfriend. The boyfriend then shoots the person who shot his girlfriend. The boyfriend then confesses to the waitress that he wants to run away with her, but the waitress was lesbian and she shot the boyfriend.

Group three preformed a skit called “Lost Little Red.” This story was like “Little Red Riding Hood.”

Group four preformed a skit called “Night at the Movie Theater.” There were these two girls who were being disruptive. The person behind the girls asked politely if they could please quiet down. The one girl ended up getting a phone call and the other girl started arguing with her, saying how rude and loud she was being. Then the two girls started to argue and the woman in front of them asked if they could stop arguing because people were trying to enjoy the movie, and then the two girls started fighting with the woman. The woman who was just trying to enjoy the movie was kicked out and that’s how their skit ended.

Group five preformed a skit called “Sleep Experiment.” There were two scientists who were doing an experiment on two people. The scientists fed the two people being experimented on goldfish, but there was poison in it. The scientists came back an hour later and found the two people dead, and the scientists dragged the two bodies away.

Group six preformed a skit called “Students Acting Like Teachers.” They all pretended to act as some of the teachers at UAHS.

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