Invisible Children

November 17th, 2012 members of the Invisible Children went to Washington D.C. to the D.C. Convention Center. People from all over joined together to see what was happening in the cause they stand for (Invisible Children).  Courteny Hager stated, “It is definitely a memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life!”.

Invisible Children works with local leaders and organizations to send “come home” messages to the LRA groups or, Lords Resistance Army. The day before the march on Washington DC, over 700 invisible children advocates met with their members of Congress to push them to take action on pursuing Joseph Kony who is the leader of the LRA. Congress has just passed a bill to help arrest Joseph Kony. The LRA groups go to different areas in Uganda. Children are abducted from their homes everyday from the LRA to be sold for sex, where young women are forced to have relations with numerous people a day and paid very little. The sons are also taken from their homes to be put in the Uganda army. The Invisible Children is not the only organization that is trying to help Uganda. Missionaries have been sent there to help teach the family’s the truth about God and take them supplies, but even with all these people fighting against the LRA, there is no one who has stopped their actions.


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