Iran: Once an Ally, Now a Terrorist Haven

Persia, or as we know it today, Iran, was a province that has changed hands dozens of times between the various empires of the likes of Britain and Russia, among others, but finally gained sovereignty in 1925 under the leadership of Reza Khan after the chaos of the Revolution in Russia, of whom they were a subject of. Reza Khan soon after declared himself to be the Shah (Persian for King) as well as adopted the dynastic name of Pahlavi then quickly established relations with the United States, with whom they enjoyed friendly relations attributing to their similar histories, until the Second World War. This is because, during World War 2, the British Empire ”suspected” Persia had connections with the Nazis in Germany, so they falsified and fabricated their own evidence to justify an invasion of Iran. Though in reality however, the Shah and his government did not have any connections with the Germans, save for relatively friendly diplomatic relations with them, and the British just really wanted an excuse to take back their former territory with it’s precious oil beneath the sands in order to sustain their war effort. So, in 1941, the British Empire as well as their communist ally, the Soviet Union invaded Iran and seized their oil fields. For the rest of the war, they remained occupied by the allies, however in 1943, the Allied Tehran Declaration promised them sovereignty after the war was over, as the US never approved the preemptive invasion or declared war, but until then it was a vital supply line for the Allies during the war. Reza Shah abdicated the same year so they replaced him with his son, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.

After the war, the young Shah ruled with benevolence and restored relations with the United States as they had been during his father’s rule before the war. A little over a year in his reign in 1946, the Iran Crisis occurred, a communist uprising, which he quickly suppressed with American supplies, weapons and advisors. So, because of this, he, with the help of the US Central Intelligence Agency, established Iran’s first intelligence agency, Savak, to root out communists and those whom opposed the Shah. Then, he modernized the military as well as overhauled the education system, putting his nation years ahead of their neighbors. So by the 50’s, Iran had become industrialized, based on the American model as an up-and-coming nation, even establishing relations with Israel, unlike other Arab nations. All of this however caused problems with the clergy, who preferred older traditional methods of governance and saw this new American System as secular. They tried to assassinate him in 1956 but failed so the clergy was purged of those disloyal to him. His own Prime Minister, Mohammed Mossadegh, opposed him too then did the opposite of what the Shah wanted and nationalized Iranian oil, nearly provoking a war with the US and UK, then attempted to depose him. The Shah fled Iran to the UK and was approached by US and British Intelligence agents, who promised him he would return to power, as they would be helping him and his people who all opposed Mossadegh, if he resumed sales of oil to NATO. So, in 1953 he was overthrown and the monarchy was restored. Some however, survived the purge like the radical Ayatollah Khomeini and continued to criticize the government. The rabble rousing was finally stopped for awhile in 1964, when the Shah decided to exile him rather than kill him.

Life was good in Iran under the Shah, who, in 1971, celebrated the 2,500th Anniversary of the founding of the empire of Cyrus the Great. He brought Iran into the modern age, with the importation of foreign cars and computers, they became the envy of the Middle East. His ”White Revolution” initiative reformed the electoral process, forest nationalization, land reforms and religious freedom ,hence bringing a new age to Iran. This was until 1979, when Khomeini returned and deposed the Shah with the support of the radicalized clergy who viewed the programs as ”dangerous”. He later declared himself to be the Supreme Leader of Iran. He promised a ”Golden Age” for Iran with free electricity and education for all, but, this was never to come, as purges of the old government’s officials, homosexuals, Christians and Jews were his true motive.

This series of events marks the beginnings of a once great nations descent into darkness and opposition to the United States. The Shah was immediately admitted to a US hospital to treat his cancer and subsequently provoking the Iran Hostage Crisis that same year. Khomeini had always hated the US, even after they aided him and his nation in the Iran-Iraq war in 1980, which he provoked by trying to depose Saddam Hussein in favor of a ”Islamic Republican” government, though he banned all political parties in his own country in which he had absolute power. After provoking this pointless war with another unstable dictator, he proceeded to enact Sharia in Iran, which is described in previous articles, becoming something much akin to the Taliban Regime in neighboring Afghanistan which took after his model almost a decade later, and whom they would support in their anti-American activities. Since his rise to power, Iran has financed terror groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and the PLO. He gave aid to other radical Islamic dictators and governments like in Libya with Gaddafi, Egypt with Nasser and Syria’s Ba’athists. Even as 2019, they still continue this rhetoric, though he has been dead since 1989, with the radical General Kasim Suleimani’s ”death to America” dogma and promises of developing nuclear weapons ”to punish the infidels with holy fire” which led to the US eliminating him and his facility by drone strike. It was not until him that all of Iran hated America and became the Christian oppressing, Jew-Hating, Anti-Israel, extremist funding, obsessed nuclear weapon creating, hive of radicals we know today.

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