Is everyone addicted to phones?

Yes: Due to people always being on them it’s easy for people to say kids are addicted. It’s also fair, people use phones for everything from checking weather to talking to their friends. We have a computer in our pockets so it’s fair to say everyone’s addicted to them.

No: Saying everyone’s addicted isn’t always fair however. Their are people who didn’t get phones until high school, and can leave their phones sitting on tables, their beds or even long enough to lose it. Not everyone sees their phones as a life line, merely a thing that’s helpful, or a toy.

So, it’s a wonder why parents are giving their kids phones are such a young age. It’s usually kids who have grown up with a phone who get more attached to them. Giving your kid a phone at 14 or 15 is probably better then 4 or 5.

So what do you think? Is everyone addicted to their phone, or just some people? Is it 50/50.

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