Issues That Students Currently Face

Highschool can be stressful, especially in recent years. Here’s some issues students face and some ways to help out:

Highschool is a significant time period for most people’s lives, this includes, unfortunately, the difficulties that come along with it. Ranging from bullying, to complications arising from online education, to depression, eating disorders, addiction and even trying to balance work and school schedules, they do affect the lives of students both in our community and globally. The purpose of this article is to help spread awareness about these issues, the effects of the demands of high school and just what we can do to help out, whether you are a student helping another student, a student helping yourself, a teacher/staff member, or even a parent.

1. Online Education

Online education is a privilege for some, as it can allow people to access the education they would have gotten by physically attending school but at home. In fact, it is utilized in many school districts, including ours during recent years especially because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is not perfect however. Sometimes there are connectivity issues, which, obviously is difficult to deal with especially when you have multiple students attending a class virtually, which is another problem. Sometimes, due dates of assignments can also be difficult on top of managing time constraints, and multitasking online can be upsetting for many students. While having to quarantine, students can also find being at home a huge distraction while doing assignments. With all of these issues present, here are some ways that you can help yourself or others who are struggling:

  • Try to dedicate some time to yourself to relax and get your bearings together. Sometimes you can burnout mentally which can leave your irritable, anxious, depressed or combinations of those and more. Just remember, failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.
  • Try to be in an environment that is quiet, and free from distractions. It may not always be as simple as that for some people, and we here at the Uniontown Area School District can relate, however do your best. It is better than not doing anything at all. Also, you can also provide yourself with adequate food and drinks while you’re doing your work to prevent yourself from leaving too frequently.
  • Do not procrastinate. It is very important not to procrastinate. Of course, it can be challenging and overwhelming to get assignments done on time, but do not wait until the last day to turn them in, especially if you have multiple assignments from different classes. It can make things worse in the long run, making you feel very overwhelmed on the date of submission.

2. Bullying/Cyberbullying

It is no secret that bullying has long been a pressure that students face, even before high school. It can happen to anybody, at any time. Just remember, there is no penalty for speaking up, even if you have not been directly bullied and are trying to provide help for somebody else. Unfortunately, bullying can be a very underrated problem, with students often saying, “The school wouldn’t do anything anyways.” This is very rarely true. Often times the issue lies with the school not even being aware of the issue itself, but I do acknowledge not every school district is perfect. Also unfortunately, the lack of prevention, or failure to provide the necessary assistance and support has its consequences. Listed below are some methods to help those in need, along with resources and phone numbers you can use to access the help that you may need at any given moment.

  • Speak up. Always remember to speak up, one person’s silence can have disastrous consequences, but we are not here to guilt trip you into doing anything. We are trying to educate everyone on ways to help prevent a very important issue which can be overlooked easily.
  • Be aware of warning signs. If you know of anybody who is facing issues, or is actively being bullied (whether it be online or physical) speak up if you cannot, have or have not intervened.
  • Be there for somebody. Talk to somebody, even if you may not like that person due to external or personal reasons.
  • Safe2Say: 1-844-SAF2SAY OR 1-844-723-2729
  • Fayette County 24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 724-437-1003
  • National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK(8255)
  • 911

3. Addiction

It might sound like a very morbid topic to talk about in the context of a school environment, but it is real. It is also pretty sad, however, there is help out there. Contrary to popular belief, addiction rarely occurs from adolescents trying to “look cool”. It often occurs due to underlying, chronic and often times hidden issues students deal with that are to blame. Some students may not want to bring it up, or keep it hidden, because they may fear that they may be removed from some events. However, this may be counterproductive to actually achieving anything.

  • Be honest and upfront about somebody you trust. It can be uncomfortable for some adolescents to bring up their addiction, but doing so is the best way to get help. It can be a close friend, a colleague, or a higher official.
  • Attempt to solve the problems that have been the catalyst for someone succumbing to addiction. This may require leaving certain friend groups, going to certain places, removing social media from one’s life. But it can be very helpful for overcoming addiction.
  • If you know somebody with addiction, see if you can talk to them during time you have together or over social media. The earlier you get a head start on it the better.
  • SAMSHA National Helpline: 1-800-662-4357

In conclusion, students have and are currently struggling with issues, the majority of which are caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has left many students feeling hardship. In the presence of such trying times, there are solutions and ways to combat the difficulties we deal with every week. We want everyone here at the Uniontown Area Senior High School to now that as long as you try your best, working your hardest to achieve your goals, you will succeed.

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  1. I have been through a lot these past few years and I was hoping my senior year would be stress free but it isn’t. I have lost so many friends and family this year and I haven’t been myself and be able to cope with it. But I am focusing on me and studying my state boards for tech and being able become a cosmetologist after high school. I don’t need others to depend on anymore. They don’t know me. How can I cope with the ones I lost that I really did care about.

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