Its A Good Day To Die Hard

By: Katie Kerr

Blasting into theaters, and busting the box office is the fifth installment to the Die Hard films.  Like the other movies in the fantastic Die Hard franchise, A Good Day To Die Hard was a thrill to watch, full of action, and destruction, everything a guy would want.

A Good Day to Die Hard stars the legendary Bruce Willis in his iconic role as John McClane, a rough and tough cop from New York who always seems to find trouble.This film also introduces his estranged son Jack, played by Jai Courtney who landed himself in a Russian prison.  Jack seems to always be in trouble and this time he needed his father to come to Russia to save him, only he seems to make even more of a mess.  All his sons life John McClane assumed Jack  was nothing but trouble and would never be anything more than that, but while trying to protect his son, McClane found out that Jack was a member of the CIA.

While Jack was on a mission in Moscow he winded up in a Russian courthouse as a prisoner to testify against scientist, Komarov who worked at Chernobyl, Ukraine, former nuclear plant and known as one of the most radio active plants in all the world, with high ranking, corrupt Russian official Chagarin.  While in court Chagarin’s henchman, and terrorists blew up the building to take Komarov hostage, while all this occurred Jack managed to escape with Komarov.  Unfortunately that is when John stepped in and threw off his timing and an air strike from the CIA couldn’t be  completed  for fear of casualties in the bombing.

John tried to help his son get away from Alik, Chagarin’s main enforcer, and terrorist trying to kidnap Komarov.  During the chase McClane finds himself driving over a heap of cars and creating more and more destruction.  Some how John, Jack, and Komarov manage to escape to the safe house which  they find is not so safe, the terrorist find them and kill Jacks partner.

Soon after they manage again to escape and met up with Komarovs daughter Irina who double crosses the McClane boys and helps Chagarin take her father hostage to Chernobyl, where they seek to uncover files that could get Chagarin in jail for the murder of thousands.

Irina, leaving Alik behind to kill Jack and John, takes Komarov to a helicopter at the top of a hotel.  In a thrilling twist Jack and John manage to break away and kill many of Alik’s men.  Unfortunately Alik got away and Irina shot at Jack and John with the helicopter.  Not knowing the McClanes were still alive Irina, Alik, and Komarov flew away to Chernobyl.

After taking a quick breather Jack and John steel an arms dealer’s car and quickly race to Chernobyl to save Komarov and the day, but what our heroes didn’t know was that the biggest twist of all had occurred Komarov and Irina were working together, they killed Alik and Chagarin, and now they were steeling billions of dollars worth of weapons-grade uranium.  With granades blasting and helicopters crashing John McClane and Jack McClane saved the lives of millions. They soon fly back home to their family.

With all the action of the film writer Skip Woods and directer John Moore do an amazing job showing a much sweeter side to John McClane, like all the movies in the Die hard franchise we see John as a great father and admirable husband.  I give this movie nine stars out of ten and recommend this movie to action lovers and those who follow the Die Hard films.  If you would like to learn more about the die hard movies visit

Go see A Good Day To Die Hard in theaters now!


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