Students On The Job

When you hit high school you are legally old enough to start working and gain the freedom to do what you wish with your money.

Students across the world work in different fields and areas of expertise. Most seem to start of in retail and working in fast food restaurants starting around the age of 15. Working a job gives them the freedom to earn their own money.

Teenagers want to work jobs to help prepare themselves for their future working as adults and to earn a little spending money on the side. Of course working while in high school isn’t for everyone. It builds on to the stress they already deal with from school, but those who can handle the pressure often find themselves thriving in their fields. It gives them a taste of life after high school.

If you plan on getting a job, remember to pay attention to age requirements and the differences in certain fields. Use your connections, follow the self employment route if you feel your ready, and don’t be scared of volunteer work!

So how about you? Are you ready to work? Do you think you can handle the pressure?

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