Joe Lapresta Joins the Squad

Along with the recent joining of Mr. Burns to the Uniontown baseball team they have also acquired another asset. This being none other than Mr. Joe Lapresta, retired teacher from Uniontown high school with great knowledge and love for the game.

Joe is a good guy to have around for the pitchers especially. He sees the small things that others fail to see and can easily fix the boys mistakes. Joe brings a lot of good energy and vibes to the team. He may be hard sometimes but every one knows his intentions are nothing but good.

Spirits at practice are lifted when Joe walks in we know it will be a good day. Joe has already impacted some kids in this short month or two he has worked with the team. He has made some sayings for the kids such as “Joe’s way or no way”. All in all Joe is a great guy and everyone’s glad to have him around.

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