Junior/Senior 2012

Junior/Senior 2012-2013 is finally here! Uniontown High School hosted a school dance for the UHS juniors and seniors of  the year 2012-2013. The dance was held and also catered at the Holiday Inn on November 16, 2012  from 5:30pm-10:30pm,  with pictures at 5. You did not need to be a junior or seniors to go to the dance, but you couldn’t be in a grade lower than 9th and you couldn’t be 21 or over. Also if you were suspended you were not permitted to come to the dance.

We spoke to many of the people who went to the dance and these following questions were asked:

Was the dance what you expected?

  • Paige Davison: “Yes, it was actually more fun than I expected.”
  • BiancaTarpley: “Yeah, I loved it.”
  • Jenn Polando: “No, it was weird, a lot different from last year.”

Do you wish you could have done anything different?

  • James Rabon: “Absolutely not.”
  • Chris Kovach “Yes, a bigger dance floor.”
  • Tito Cantalamessa “No, it was a pretty good time.”

Questions were asked before the dance about favorite music and plans after the dance. A lot of students planned on going to eat after. There was also a wide variety of music. Out of the music played at the dance the selected favorites were, “Gangnam Style” by PSY, “Say Ah” by Trey Songz,  “Someone Like You”  by Adele, and “Must Be Nice” by Lyfe Jennings.



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