Keystone Testing

Did you take the Keystones this year? The keystones are a state test that measures where you are in terms of your education. Here at Uniontown, you must pass all of your Keystones in order to graduate. If you don’t exceed an exceptional score your first time taking them, you must retake them. There is algebra, biology, and literature tests. Each test is scored individually. You will either score advanced, proficient, basic, or below basic.

The Keystones can be comparable to the PSSA’s that you may have taken in elementary and middle school, as the test is in the same format. You have a test booklet and answer booklet. You read the problems in the test booklet and answer them in the answer booklet, which is full of bubbles to fill. If there is an open-ended problem, you will also have a space in your answer booklet to write that in.

This year, the testing was held from 8:50 until 10:30 each day. It was mostly freshmen and sophomores who tested, as most of the upperclassmen completed these exams in previous years. In 2020, the students who were currently in a biology or algebra class were exempt from taking the Keystones, due to Covid-19 cutting the school year short.

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