Keystone Tests

Instead of taking the PSSA’s, juniors here at UHS are starting to take the Keystone test. The same principle occurs: If you don’t pass, you can’t graduate. Wednesday was the Math section, Thursday is the English section, and Friday is the Biology section. Testing will end Friday.

Juniors aren’t the only ones taking this test, though. Freshman and sophomores are also taking it. Although juniors take all of them at once, students say it is much more beneficial because you take the test based on your classes. If you have English, you take the English portion. If you have Math, you take the Math portion, and so on.

When asked about the test, Tito Cantalamessa said, “I think they were tough because we didn’t get enough prior practice.” Tristan Sandrosky said, “I found difficulty with a lot of the work because I haven’t practiced those subjects.”

All in all, this test seems much more helpful and beneficial for the students.


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