Kyrie Irving Vaccination Refusal

Kyrie Irving is a very good point guard, that plays on the Brooklyn Nets. He was supposed to have his first game Tuesday October 19, but he refuses to get vaccinated. New York stated that everyone working, playing sports, and etc has to be vaccinated or they can’t participate in anything. Kyrie Irving might miss out on a whole season due to him not getting vaccinated. If the Brooklyn Nets had Kyrie Irving on their season opener that Tuesday they would’ve won. He is the starting point guard on their team, the playmaker, he does it all.

COVID really effected a lot of peoples jobs. A couple years ago you didn’t have to worry about not playing because you didn’t get a shot. Adam Silver the head of the NBA, wants Kyrie Irving to play but he has to follow the rules by not letting him play until he gets vaccinated. Soon as the Nets get Kyrie Irving back they will be winning games left to right. New York just made this rule up a couple of days ago. He can only play away games that aren’t in New York.

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