Lady Raider’s Senior Night Game

If you weren’t at the Thursday January 28th game for the Lady Raiders against Derry Trojans, then you missed the home game of the season.  The crowd honored the four seniors players who are saying good-bye as they graduate in May 2016 and continue their lives. Unfortunately the Lady Raiders came a little short against Derry leaving the score 47-39. Before the game I sat down with these seniors and asked them the basic questions on their future, memories, what do they think about before the game, and what drives them to do their best?

Khai “Diddy” Harris (Shoot Guard) #4

Khai Harris is a four-year member, playing varsity since freshman year scoring nine points off the bench. She brings so much life to the team with her character. Leaving behind memories of laughs, skills, and dedication to the team. This young basketball guard plans to “attend college and hoop” knowing this is the only thing she is born to do.  She will be attending Slippery Rock University to play ball and major in business. She gets her inspiration and drive for the love of the game and playing  her soul out by reading quotes or sometimes long speeches from her dad who is a big supporter of his daughter.  He shows this by coming to every game. Congratulations Khai “The Microwave” Harris!

Chelsea Spencer (Guard) #3

Cheles, a two-year member of the Lady Red Raiders played the game tonight realizing that she needs to give it all she’s got on the court. As she remembers “meeting at the U” she had to leave it on the U. As an overachiever in school making honor roll, carrying a job, she works hard in everything she does including track and basketball. Chelsea will be continuing the joy of success by going to college to major in business marketing. As a competitive girl Spencer says “I think about winning and the thought of winning drives me to play my best.” Whereever she goes she’ll always bring a smile on someones face and make them laugh. Congratulations Chelsea Spencer-Ray!

Myranda Stephans (Foward) #40

Myranda Stephans has been on the team for two years, she is the tallest one on the team too. We talked to her and her ambitions for the future and the love for basketball. As a senior she has many plans for her future, even though she doesn’t know where this path might take her. Red wants to go to college and play basketball then later graduate with her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.  Working with people and her love for sports put this goal together.  Myranda would like to have her own company in the future or work for a sports team. Remembering high school is a great memory and one she’ll never forget, meeting friends, being involved in sports and her school. Red says as she laughs,  “I’ll never forget during a summer league basketball game against Brownsville when everyone got mad and was arguing with each other because of a call by the ref, the game didn’t even count and everyone acted like it was a championship game”.  Myranda also talks about what she does before her game and says,  “I don’t think about the game as much as I just go out and play a little bit better or a little bit harder. Listening to music probably drives me, and making my parents proud when they come watch. My only regret is not playing basketball all four years of high school.” Mistakes are hard for someone to let go but she made the right one in the end. Congratulations Red!

Arielle Winfrey (Guard/Forward) #12

Last but not least we have Ms. Arielle “LaLa” Winfrey, playing four years of high school basketball and any position on the court.  As the coach’s niece and assistant coach’s daughter, she gets pushed the most in every practice and game. Raider basketball might be her last time playing for a team but she plans to attend a 4 year college to major in Criminal Justice. On the court Arie is a unique player and makes the best out of the situation, she always motivates people to do better than what they are doing. Her joy, laughs, and friendliness aren’t the only thing that brings the team together, it’s her strength, determination, and devotion. She explains the memories of high school when she started the varsity team as a freshman and playing undergrads. Arie explained the good stories of summer league, making the paper, and making the paper as a whole team. Getting focused and her mind right is what she thinks about before the game. I don’t believe anything has to drive this girl to do her best but she says “wanting to win, encouragement, and support from her family really drives me.” Congratulations Arie!

Before every game a prayer is said for the players.  The team’s record is now 6-11 because of their ambition. Come cheer the Lady Raiders on this Thursday February 4th 2016 for the last home game of the season and last home game against our rivals Laurel Highlands! See you there!

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