Lakers vs Heat: 2020 NBA Finals

This year the NBA Finals consisted of 7 games between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. At the end of the finals, the Lakers beat the Heat 4-2 and won their 17th championship.

Game 1 resulted in a win from the Lakers, 98-116. Game 2 was another win for the Lakers, 114-124. Game 3 was a win for Miami, 104-115. Game 4 was yet another win for the Lakers, 96-102. Game 5 the Heat came back with a win, 108-111. Game 6, which happened to be the final game, was a win for the Lakers, 93-106.

This championship was a big win for the Lakers. LeBron James was named MVP and made Finals MVP history. LeBron managed to restore the Lakers’ NBA glory.

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