Larry the Cable Guy

By Bryan D. Nickle

After a short drive to our wonderful state theater we stand in line on a very cold evening waiting to get in the nice building.  After we got our T-shirts we were greeted by the smell of fresh popcorn and the noise of idle banter among friends and family as we got our drinks. Then we warmly ushered into our seats on the main floor.  After several minutes of waiting we received a warm and humorous opening act which seemed like hours before the main event of tonight’s show that left me and my grandmother on the edge of our seats.  Then Larry casually walked out from behind the curtain holding a few sheets of paper as he received a very warm standing ovation from the people of union town that left me with a slight ringing in my ear.  He started the night by saying ” It’s good to be here in Uniontown!” If your a huge fan of Larry the cable guy and missed the show, you missed out on great and fantastic hilarity! Larry left me and my grandmother holding our guts trying not pass out because we were laughing so hard! This was also a stray from Larry’s other material which usually contains things I can’t say in school, but instead he took on a more political routine-which was still incredibly funny! He took cracks at Al Gore and his climate change with his bit about “using one square of toilet paper” and taking cracks at Obama and his wife along with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  But don’t worry Larry still did his older jokes and will continue to do so till he gets his Grammy.  Near the end of the show he talked about how he’s getting older and how he has to write most of his jokes down now due to him constantly forgetting things and how his kids are doing, including a very humorous joke.  As he left I felt kind of sad, hoping he continued for more hours more, but unfortunately it was time to go.


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