Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentines day is only a week away. It can be stressful picking the right place to go and getting the right gift. If you are just going on your first date with someone or if you’ve been dating someone for a year it can always be hard to decide what to do on valentines day.

Some people want to go on a romantic date to a fancy dinner. Others may want something more adventurous. If your going to your favorite restaurant, make sure you make a reservation. For people that want something a little more memorable you could go skiing together or a local attraction like haunted hills. More adventurous options could be an escape room, a trampoline park, or an arcade.

The traditional Valentines day gifts are roses, chocolates, jewelry, and over sized stuffed animals. For something more personal you get a picture frame of the two of you, a nice card with a hand written note, or a cozy blanket for you to cuddle. You could also get them a gift card for your favorite go-to restaurant or store that you both love. No matter the gift just make sure its from the heart.


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