Last Year’s Heroes Are Now This Year’s Zeroes

Essential workers were declared heroes last year as they were continuing to work in-person while the Coronavirus was spreading all across the nation. Now, the same workers are facing resignations due to vaccination mandates by the government. Many medical staff members are losing their jobs because they refuse to get the COVID vaccine.

An Indiana nurse, Adara Allen told Fox News “We were celebrated last year, but nurses are leaving due to [the hospital] not accepting their medical issues or having a reaction or adverse effect to the first dose of the COVID vaccine.” Allen had worked at Eskenazi Health, but was told to no longer come into work due to her refusing the vaccination. Allen is pregnant, and even though the CDC is recommending pregnant women to get the vaccine, her pregnancy is at high-risk, and she has previously had a miscarriage, and she does not want to risk losing another child so she won’t get the COVID vaccination.

Many of the frontline workers from last year do not trust getting the vaccine or have a serious reason why they are refusing to take the vaccine (for whatever their reasons may be) , and the government is taking away their freedom by practically forcing them to get vaccinated or they lose their job. It seems that the government and health care buildings don’t truly care about everybody’s safety, and that they only care about being in control. Which, many of the frontline workers are not allowing to happen; By resigning from their jobs or getting fired because they won’t get vaccinated.

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