Leaping Into the Christmas Season

As the autumn season is coming to a close and the snow is beginning to fall, there is one very special holiday on our minds. Christmas! All of the stores are breaking out their Christmas trees and Jolly old cardboard cutout Santas waiting for the eager shoppers to arrive. You hear a happy jingling outside of every door with a bright red bucket waiting for your generous charity.

There is no feeling like this season as there are many smiles on everyone’s faces. The children are counting down the days till they are free to run and play. Every radio station has Mariah Carey on repeat. The smell of cookies and pine fills each and every household. It’s an irreplaceable feeling.

Although it is a very joyous time for many, we would like to remember all of those who may not have a happy holiday. We want to send love and thought to those who are ill or have a family/friend who is, those who may be missing a family/friend stationed somewhere away from home, those who may have just lost someone near and dear to their hearts, and those going through hard times who’s last thought on their mind is Christmas. We hope that in any aspect of your life, there will be a spark of happiness that will make this time of year a little bit brighter for you. Happy Holidays Everyone!❤

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