This past Wednesday you may have seen some students or teachers walking around with a black cross on their forehead. This part of the Christian tradition, known as Ash Wednesday. They attend mass to be blessed and have the ashes, from burnt palms of the previous palms Sunday, spread in a cross on their forehead. They are supposed to leave the ashes on all day and fast in celebration of the season of Lent starting.

Lent is a season in many Christian churches leading up to Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christs . It consists of of forty days, excluding Sundays, and it always starts with Ash Wednesday and ends at midnight on Holy Thursday. It is a time of prayer, repenting, fasting, and thanksgiving. In the catholic church it is traditional to take on a goal, whether that’s giving up something or just living a godlier lifestyle, during these forty days. Further more on Fridays and Ash Wednesday, during Lent, Catholics are not supposed to eat meat. Many of our local churches will be holding fish fries during this time.

Uniontown has a large population of Christians who celebrate the season of Lent. We went a talked to some of these students to learn what this holy season means to them. Arianna Frankenfield says “It’s a time to reflect on the sacrifices Jesus made for me.” and is planning on giving up Pizza. Claire White described lent as “a time to get closer with God and celebrate his time of resurrection” and is giving up chocolate. Victoria Maher told us that lent is, “giving up something I enjoy and should lower” and is planning to eat more vegetables and less red meat this Lent season. If you have time this Lent season talk to Christian friends, go to a fish fry, and learn a little bit more about this age old tradition.

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