LH Mustangs WPIAL Championship

The Laurel Highlands basketball team is playing for the WPIAL championship. Their starting five players are Rodney Gallagher, Keondre Deshields, Brandon Davis, Jayden Pratt, and Joseph Chamber. Their 2021-2022 conference record is undefeated with a 10-0 section record and overall record of 24-0. They have a very talented basketball team.

This will be their third time in three years playing in the championship. They won the first year but lost the last year. They are also playing the same team for the third time. The game is Friday, March 5th at the Petersen Events Center at 9 p.m. There will be no advantages for either team because they are not playing on their school court. This is a rule for WPIAL championship games.

Even though Laurel Highlands is our cross-town rival, we are Fayette County united. Many of our students are friends with students from the neighboring district. It’s important for teenagers to support each other. This is positive news for Uniontown and our county. They are a team of teenagers that are trying to do great things in sport. Win or lose, this is something to celebrate.

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