LHU STEM Stop Motion Workshop

Uniontown and Laurel Highlands high schools are situated 1.5 miles from one another. The two schools are coming even closer together as they partner on a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math collaboration that has been titled the LHU STEM Project. The goals of this initiative include building a strong foundation of STEM literacy, increasing diversity, equity & inclusion in STEM, and preparing our community for the STEM workforce.

The grant will be implemented over the next two years. Students can anticipate multiple events for them as well as the community to attend. The first workshop was a Discovery in Forensics science session hosted by the LH Women in STEM club which is lead by Mr. Kenneth Riddell. It was held virtually between the two schools in March. The second workshop was a Stop Motion animation held on April 28th, 2022.

Stop Motion Animation is a technique used to bring static items to life on screen. Uniontown media center students, sophomore Dominic Scott and junior Payton Hostetler, helped lead the workshop providing examples, demonstrations, and assistance. Student participants were Nevaeh David, Sienna Dean, Brianna Hensh, Kylee Kurnot, Jordyn Lamer, Brianna Marzano, Liv Mehalovich, and Bella Wilson. Students worked in small groups taking everyday items such as clay, paper, candy, and pipe cleaners and turning them into a short film. The Stop Motion Studio software application was used to animate photographs that are taken with small movements in between. Theme music and sound effects were added to enhance the video.

Following are the videos that were produced in the short one and a half hour workshop! Special thanks to Ms. Mindy Harris, Mr. Randy Miller, Mr. Jason Johns, Mrs. Mary Wallace, and Mrs. Tammy Marzano for their work behind the scenes. Thank you to everyone who participated. We are looking forward to future sessions.

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