Lip Sync Battle is Back

The UHS Teacher-Student Lip Sync Battle is back! On Thursday, May 5 all teachers and students met in the auditorium to watch the premiere of the video. This was the first time that the student body and staff has been together in over two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The freshman and sophomores have not had the opportunity to attend a student-wide assembly. The first Lip Sync was held in 2016 and was created by UHS Class of 2017 graduate, Jordan Coddington. The second Lip Sync was held in 2017.

Media Center Interns; Bailey Gammon, Brandon Hebda, Payton Hostetler, Jenna Pindrock, Hailey Plavi, Lee Troup, Allyson Vansickle, and Addison Wilhelm wanted to bring the tradition back for their group project. They directed, edited, and produced the premiere and had the idea to host an awards show assembly. They stepped up the production value with multiple camera angles and even projected a live stream onto screens above the performers. Junior Payton Hostetler spent over 15 hours editing the clips together and created the music cover art transitions. Everyone received a participation award for their time and effort. Special awards were given out to those performances that attracted the most attention. The winners were:

  • Most creative – Love Shack
  • Funniest – California Girls
  • Best lip syncing – Mrs. Ritenour and her performance of Lose Yourself
  • Honorable mention was given to those who participated in Bohemian Rhapsody
  • The overall winners of the 3rd UHS Lip Sync Battle was The Basement Boy Band and their performance of End of The Road!

Thank you to Mr. Wilson for his help in the auditorium. Also, thank you to teachers and students that participated. We hoped you enjoyed this year’s assembly as much as we did. See you at next year’s battle!

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  1. No cap, the media interns crushed it! Editing is time-consuming tedious and the editing made us look good.

    Just wait until 2023…

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