Little Shop of Horrors: Meet the Urchins!

This year’s musical, Little Shop of Horrors, has a small but fun cast. You’ve already learned about the leads, but we got a chance to chat with the cheeky Urchins who narrate the show. For this special interview, we had to go downtown to Skid Row, which was pretty hard- considering the cabs don’t stop. The Urchins are the sassy, witty, street smart narrators in the show, and the girls who were cast have all the sass and even more.

Stephanie Polando as Chiffon

Riley Miller as Ronette

Andrea Gurtner as Crystal

Q: How would you describe your character?

S: Sass master goddess. Also she ain’t afraid to get down and dirty.
R: Ronette has a lot of attitude and she takes what she wants.
A: Crystal is definitely the queen of comebacks & she says what’s on her mind.

Q: Can you relate to your character?

S: Yes. Do not cross me. Period.
R: 100%. She’s in it for the money & I’m in it for the money.
A: For sure. She tells people how it is just like I do.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your character?

S: She’s master at manipulation.
R: She don’t take no for an answer.
A: She’s filled with sass.

Q: What’s your favorite song that you’re in?

S: Skid Row (Downtown)
R: Ya Never Know
A: Finale Ultimo (Don’t Feed the Plants)

Q: What’s your favorite line?

S: I love all of my lines. They are just such fun.
R: “Girl!”
A: “Why don’t you get lost, Vitalis brains?”
Stephanie Polando
Riley Miller
Andrea Gurtner

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