Living Life with Allergies and IBS

Since the age of twelve, I have slowly developed extreme sensitivities to multiple substances that are both airborne (pollen, dust, scents, mold, fungal spores, etc.) and skin contact (grass, fabrics, artificial lotions, etc.). My condition has also led me to develop the functional bowel disorder IBS, which is worsened when I am stressed or sick. These conditions are debilitating if I can’t get them under control, but I am very confident in myself to keep up with my medications and remain cautious about contracting illness from bacteria and viruses.

With all of these issues, I was bullied for many years by my peers. They just didn’t understand what I was going through. I don’t have simple allergies that cause minor sneezing and nasal drip, but I do have anaphylaxis and anaphylactic shock when I’m around my allergens for a certain period of time. That’s why I take a leukotriene inhibitor and an H1 histamine inhibitor. These medications reduce the amounts of these chemicals being produced in my body to hopefully stop major amounts of inflammation.

As a precaution, especially with the pandemic and flu season, I wear a special mask that can filter my allergen triggers and infections. It’s the Cambridge mask pro, which is a must have for people with weakened immune systems. It’s very popular amongst the autoimmune and chronic illness communities as well. I also use colloidal eczema cream for my skin flare ups. When I’m around my allergens, my skin sometimes flares up and I get a rash on any exposed area of my skin. I also use Flonase to help with my sinuses from burning and bleeding.

As I continue to combat my conditions, I learned that you should take every opportunity in life and don’t let others influence your actions unless it’s for your good. I believe that anyone can do anything with the right amount of willpower and strength to push forward. Be the person who wants to be the best person you could be. Strive for change and do your best to better yourself and those around you. Live life to the fullest because you never know when it’ll be over. Most importantly, if you suffer from any medical conditions, don’t let that stop you from living your life like everyone else. I promise that you’ll agree with me when you take heed to my advice.

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