Lockdown Procedures Ensure Student Safety

Protection in school is very important. That’s why we have different procedures and drills to keep us safe for different situations. Due to the recent tragedy in Connecticut, Uniontown High School has taken precautions in case we have a situation that happens to occur like this.

Our procedures are as follows:

An announcement is made over the loud speaker to everyone in school. They code the announcement warning them that there someone is in the building armed, and after that everyone follows the following procedure.

First, we have to lock the door and move away from it, turn off the  lights and be very quiet. A faculty member explained the previous  code we had to notify police about the children in the rooms. They had three different types of cards with three different meanings. A green card explained that the room in full and all students are inside the class, a red card explained that there is a student missing from your class, and a yellow card meant they have an extra student in their class. However, the school is currently in the process of developing a new, more efficient system.

Drills will be run at least twice a year to ensure that both teachers and students are aware of exactly what to do in the unlikely event an incident should occur. The office stressed that preparation is the key to make sure everyone in the building is safe. Readers should also realize that statistics clearly show that the safest place for students in our schools. Teens are much more likely to be the victim of a violent crime outside of school. Parents and students alike should rest assured that UHS is doing everything within its power to ensure that all students are safe and protected.

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