Marching Band Celebrates its Seniors

One can argue that the class of 2021 has gotten the short end of the stick this past year. Missing the end of their junior year and the start of their senior year. However, the UHS Marching Band powered through Covid-19 challenges and were allowed to celebrate their seniors this past Senior Night.

After Senior Recognition the band performed the pregame set, which included: Pregame Fanfare, Uniontown Alma Mater, and Uniontown’s Fight Song. Due to limited hours of practice, the band then performed a ‘mini’ field show, consisting of Never Gonna Give You Up and Michael Jackson’s Bad. Although the season was limited, the band made the most of it! We want to congratulate these seniors and we hope the class of 2021 is able to make the best of their senior year.

The band performing their ‘mini’ field show on Saturday, October 24th.

Although the football team didn’t play any games, the marching band decided to host a performance and allow its seniors to grace the field one last time. The seniors were recognized for their hard work during these trying times. The band will be saying goodbye to nine seniors, Mario Mercandante, Olivia Herring, Karsyn Lucy, Andrea Gurtner, Caroline Arison, Hannah Smith, Abbey Smith, Miranda Williams, and Matthew Williams. The band felt for the other 2021 seniors as well, so time was made for the golf team to recognize its seniors. The golf team recognized Michael Mercandante, Nate Moody, and Madelyn Myers.

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