Math Team

By: Veronica Yeagley

Every year Uniontown Area High School forms a Math Team.  The coach of the Math Team, who this year is Mrs. Vaccaro, conducts a test for the students here at UHS to be a part of the Math Team.  Anyone who is considering being a part of the Math Team is required to take a test.  The students who receive the highest  scores on this test will be given the privilege to be a part of this team.  The test that determines who will be appointed a place on the Math Team has already been given this year.

The Math Team has competed in multiple competitions, and they have worked very hard to give our school a good name.  The former Math Team members have enjoyed the experience.  We hope that the students here at UHS will continue to want to be a part of this.  We hope to continue on with this and win many more competitions.



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