Math Team Makes Final Competition

By: Veronica Yeagley

Every year Uniontown Area High School has a group of students that go and compete in a series of math competitions.  Our section is comprised of Albert Gallatin, Brownsville, Geibel, Laurel Highlands and Uniontown.  This year our Math Team members consist of: Nicole Bell, Bennet Clark, Rachel Diamond, Nate Edenfield, Deanna Hager, Paul Klatt, Colton Layhue, Connor Monahan, Aaron Schmitt, Jesse Sarver, Blain Schiff, Wyatt Wilson and Jesse Yesnick.

There are 6 competitions total.  The first competition is in October then there is one every month through the month of March.  During each competition, every student will complete 6 problems individually.  Then the team will come together and complete 5 problems in the team round.  The scores are added after each competition and a running total is kept.  The winning team will go on to finals.  All winning teams from Western PA attend the finals. Uniontown is the section champion and will be attending the finals on April 5th.


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