Math Team Undefeated

The Uniontown Academic department for the last few years has been dominate over other Fayette County schools and it looks like the streak continues. The Math team Has swept the competition this season and is looking to continue the streak on 12-6-21.

The Next match will take place at LH High school, and with Uniontowns recent dominance it seems hard for other teams to have a chance. During the First Round Uniontown was led by Malcolm Patton, Gavin O’Brien, and Christian DeVincent. The Second round Grant Barcheck, and Maddy King.

The Math Team to continue doing well needs some gifted underclassmen to sign up. There is only one Sophomore on the team, and the rest are juniors and Seniors. If any underclassmen are interested they could join the Math Team, by talking to Mrs. Michael.

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