Military Banners Around Town

For the past couple months, the city of Uniontown has been putting up military banners to honor all of our military men and women in this area. When they first started to put up these banners, you’d only see a hand full of them in certain place. Now when you drive through the city, the banners are lined up on every street in town.

These banners are an amazing way to honor our fallen soldiers and to remember the loved ones we’ve lost over the years. They help us celebrate all of our soldiers who still serve our country now. Our city shows more patriotism and more of our city’s history shows.

Just recently, my family got a banner in honor of my late grandfather Robert Thomas who had served in the Army during the Korean War. We were able to have the banner hung right by his house where he raised a big and loving family. Now every time we pass by the house, we are able to remember him and honor his service to our country.

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